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e-Commerce is popular today, but are all products good?

Our Mission and Objectives

At CWGLive (Collaborative Welfare Group Live), we take time to review a number of products that are strategically aligned to our understanding and expertise. We mostly base on our due diligence, Internet reviews, word-of-mouth feedbacks, social network perceptions, direct consumer feedback (such as emails written to us) and in case of certain products we also run "mystery shopping" campaigns (mystery shopping is a well-understood market analysis technique that is well-known for its effectiveness in real life situations, which we believe to be extremely appropriate in case of our readers). Our final score for products are most often our overall impression about the products given the above factors.

Who are we?
We are a tiny but active company owned by Sudeshna Dey Nee Choudhury, who also is the owner of Gegetech Consultants, an India-based web services company that caters to clients all over the world. CWGLive is a brand owned by Gegetech Consultants to the fullest possible extent.

Our chief strategist Fred comes from an academic background of two radically different disciplines - Psychology and Computer Science, and has also acted as Visiting Professor on behalf of Faculty of Management for MBA Universities in India.

We also give you the links we feel are the best. And we sincerely hope to help you. Please note that once we select a product or a few products of a given group to be winners in our eyes, we recommend them but at the same time we do that in a reference mode. Please feel welcome read our full disclosure at the bottom of this page in this context.

Current hottest reviews: And we tremendously appreciate your voluntary sharing of reviews and information by dropping us an email - as we mentioned above, it is one of our evaluation factors and it helps us evaluate the products in the market better, ultimately translating to your benefits.