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Carbon-based infrared saunas are more effective and healthier

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From the desk of CWGLive

If you are here, you are looking for a sauna. But which sauna? A co-worker tells you something, your best friend thinks something else and then you come across something radically different elsewhere. Who do you follow? So once you read this report, you should have an educated idea on the truth about infrared saunas. The video at the bottom of this page helps you give a feel, leveraging several manually taken photographs, of the state-of-the-art Carbon 360 saunas with high-quality safety certificates.

Are all saunas the same, or is there any difference between saunas?

Let's start with those who are seeking for a traditional sauna. Is there something wrong with them? Nothing at all. Traditional saunas are good, and they feel great if you take a short session. Unfortunately, a traditional sauna does fall short of some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by using an infrared sauna.

Please note that the temperature of a traditional sauna must reach a point high enough for your body to sweat. But that temperature is too high to be safely handled by your body for an extended time duration. Most doctors would agree that anything more than 20 minutes at such high temperatures is not good for the human body. Actually, it could end up stressing and straining your heart.

This is completely the other way round with infrared saunas. Since the infrared heat would penetrate the skin and go deep inside the body - carry out almost 2 inches penetration, compared to the penetration of 1/8th of an inch of a traditional sauna - one would experience a sweat at 120 degrees that is comparable to the sweat at 180 degrees of a taditional sauna. And this sweat is a detoxifying one.

Many doctors nowadays recommend an infrared sauna to patients for a number of issues. This includes weight loss, blood pressure control, arresting and reducing high cholesterol levels and imflamation. The other great benefit of the heat penetrating deep into your body is the capability of detoxifying your body. The heat removes toxins deep inside the body (deep below the skin) and emits them through the skin. Lead, mercury, mold, tobacco, chemicals, hair-dyes, car emissions and a few hundred other pollutants are bombarded on our bodies everyday.

Infrared sauna detoxification would help remove these polluting substances. Our bodily system thus is saved from accumulating these substances. That in turn leads to prevention of possible deseases and premature aging of our body, skin and mind. This improves our immunity system to the peak efficiency.

Ceramic or carbon-based?

We now know that infrared saunas (also called far infrared saunas) are way better compared to traditional saunas. So now, what type of an infrared sauna would Iwant to buy? There are two types today that are popular - carbon based and ceramic. Which is the one to go for? Carbon based saunas - these are better, hands down.

In the space of infrared technology, ceramic heaters were the state of the art once upon a time, not too many years back. They worked well too. However, technology changed with time - in fact technology improved with time as one would expect. Today, comparing a ceramic sauna and a cabron-based one is equivalent to comparing a cross-country ride on a horseback against that on a car. Let me elaborate on what I want to say here.

How do ceramic rods produce infrared heat? They produce the heat through small tubes of glass placed throughout the sauna in a strategic way. But, they would produce limited heat, and that too, at a very high temperature. This causes two problems. One - this sauna will have some hot spots. So some areas of your body will get sufficient exposure to the infrared heat, and other areas will have none. This isn't good. To enjoy the entire benefit of an infrared sauna, your body should uniformly receive the heat and exposure and absorb the infrared rays to the maximum extent.

Also, since the heat comes from an insufficient area trying to heat the whole sauna, the rods become very hot. Ceramic sauna users have often complained getting red marks comign from leaning on the hot rods. And in spite of this almost burning temperature, the infrared heat does not completely surround the user of a ceramic sauna.

Let me give you an example here. If we look at a 2-person sauna, a panel of a standard size with ceramic rods would produce around 56 square inches of infrared heat. With a panel of the same size, a carbon based sauna will produce around 572 square inches of infrared heat. So a carbon sauna is 10 times more effective. Also, the heat coming from a carbon panels is evenly dispersed. You can lay absolutely against any panel within the infrared sauna and stand no chance of getting burned.

So why do they still sell this inferior technology? Probably because they are cheaper to buy, and regular people have no idea about the difference. Carbon-based technology has been around now for several years. Practically all the modern research studies done today are based upon this new-age cutting edge technology.

Are infrared saunas (also known as far infrared saunas) safe?

Yes, absolutely, as long as they have the right certifications.

Now the explanation. Infrared technology is not new, in fact humans have used it for thousands of years. The only difference is that today we are capable of bringing it to your home at a fraction of cost compared to what it would be ten years back.

The essential idea of infrared technology is to bring home the best benefits of Sun. The health benefits and positive impacts of the sun on human bodies are amazing. Unfortunately, the ozone layer today is depleted. As a result, a harmful part of the sun rays that the ozone layer blocked now comes down to the earth. This is dangerous for the human body. So now the sun has become somthing we want to avoid rather then submerge ourselves in to enjoy its health benefits and healing properties. Imagine if you could have access to all the sun's healing rays on every day without any danger. That is exactly what an infrared sauna would do for you.

The great benefits of using infrared saunas are starting to be recognized by many doctors around the globe. The doctors are starting to appreciate the range of benefits that their patients get, from body detoxification to increase in energy, burning calories, decrease inflamation in the body, pain relief, reduced blood pressure, alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms and an overall good health. In today's world given all what we get exposed to, having your own infrared sauna can make a whole world of difference to the quality of life you enjoy and experience.

All the above benefits hold, only if you have a good infrared sauna with the right certification. That would ensure you have a sauna which was constructed safely. An extermely important certificate will be an ETL seal on your sauna. ETL seal comes from Electrical Testing Laboratories, and happens to be one of the hardest seals to get approved for. This assures your sauna to be electrically sound at 100%, right from control panels to the wiring. In absence of this seal, ir is highly possible that the sauna did not comply with certain electrical requirements and codes. The non-compliance may lead to electrical hazards. So, if your infrared sauna or far infrared sauna has been awarded this seal, you can sleep in peace - you and your family are perfectly secure.

From where should I get my infrared sauna / far infrared sauna?

If you've been doing your research, you already know there are alot of choices when picking an infrared sauna company. The sauna company that we recommend, after our due diligence in market research, is one that has been working with infrared technology for quite some time and suggest that you consider them as one of your choices.

They are fully ETL Certified, and the only company that offers Carbon Wave 360 Technology. If you would like learn more you can visit their website by clicking here or placing a toll-free call at 1-800-264-8129. If you have just have questions to ask they would answer you with no obligation.

Also note that, the infrared saunas that this company manufactures work very well for people who have some of the following problems.
  • Lyme disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
The above list is in addition to the other benefits that every good infrared sauna is effective for. So if you have any of the above issues, then this is one of the best infrared sauna brands to go for.

Thanks for reading, and be well. If you want to collect your free CWGLive supplimentary report on Far Infrared Saunas, please click here.

Mrs S. Dey

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