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From the desk of CWGLive

A good electronic cigarette can be characterized by the quality of its starter kit. The e-cig cartridges are extremely important for a smoker to be able to enjoy his/her smoking experiences. Atomizers and batteries are also critical for a good e cigarette. Unless your starter kit is of high quality, no great liquid nicotine can ever make your smoking sessions enjoyable.

In this report, we focus on the importance of having a good quality starter kit. We start with explaining what a starter kit is, then we carry on to explain why it is important, next we follow by showing you some of the traps for you to avoid and finally we point you to the resource where we share our recommendations on brands that we believe to sell great starter kits.

What are the components of an electronic cigarette starter kit?

An electronic cigarette starter kit comprises of the basic elements that will get you started. Please note that with a good electronic cigarette manufacturer, you shall get a complete starter kit for the price that you pay upfront. Some other companies furnish you with additional stock for small extra payments that helps in the longer run. But what you need to make sure is that you get all the basic necessities covered as part of the start kit for your electronic cigarette.

Your starter kit ought to contain at least the following:
  • Cartridge: Electronic cigarette cartridges are the most important part of your e-cig smoking. You would want to have a high quality cartridge for your smoking session to be exciting. The cartridge contains the liquid that is evaporated, and it also carries the responsibility to guide the smoke to your mouth. So the smoke delivered by your e-cigarette cartridge is the main determining factor behind our smoking experience. So having good electronic cigarette cartridges as part of starter kit is invaluable.
  • Atomizer: This is the heating element of the e-cigarette. It will contain the battery and will tightly fit with the cartridge to avoid any smoke or checical leakage.
  • Battery: Batteries are the driving power behind electronic cigarettes. Rechargeable batteries is the norm. The best batteries are the lithium ion ones. Go for these. These are expected to last long as long as you recharge the battery before it drains and use the battery on a reguar basis.
  • Charger: This is essential for charging your battery. In fact, you would want to charge your battery on a regular basis to make it last for a long number of months (multiple years). Chargers are available in multiple forms such as USB chargers, basic power socket based chargers etc.
In addition, you may have multi-modal charging systems, social smoking (rubber) mouthpieces and any other feature that you may want to. For electronic cigarettes that offer multi-modal charging systems as part of their starter kits, you would want to make sure that they comprise of both a power socket based charging system and a USB charging system. The power socket based charging system will let you charge the battery from ordinary power sockets. The USB charger will let you charge the battery from inside your car assuming that your car has a USB outlet, from your desktop/laptop computer and so on.

Also, in case of three-piece electronic cigarettes, you would have a separate mouthpiece as part of your starter kit. In two piece models, this will be a part of the cartridge.

Why is a good starter it important to have?

A good starter kit is the most invaluable asset for you to get started with electronic cigarette smoking. You can have a lot of trouble smoking electronic cigarettes in absence of a good starter kit including great cartridges. What are some of the possible issues and desirable states with starter kits?
  • Chemical leakage: The starter kit's cartridge needs to be of great quality so that no chemical such as the liquid nicotine powering your smoking process can leak out. You would hate to lose your cherished nicotine because of bad starter kit quality.
  • Heat leakage: The atomizer and cartridge require alignment such that no heat is leaked out of your electronic cigarette. You would want the heat generated inside the atomizer of the e cigarette to heat the cartridge and produce nicotine smoke.
  • Smoke leakage or bad smoke direction: The mouthpiece portion of the cartridge (or the separate mouthpiece, depending upon whether your e-cigarette has it as a separate piece of not) needs to be well-structured and free from any kind of blockage so that it can maximize the smoke flow towards your mouth with no loss of the generated smoke.
  • Refill issues: It is important to have a starter kit that will let your electronic cigarette be refilled easily with purchased nicotine refill cartridges. You would not want to face any refill issue such as container jam or leakage of liquid nicotine during refill due to bad kit structure or malformed cartridge shape.
  • Fast battery discharge and short battery life span: Make sure that the kit gives high quality lithium ion battery that can be recharged. You would want to maximize your smoking. A lithium ion rechargeable battery lasts long if you (a) charge it well at the beginning and (b) never let the battery discharge fully. If your battery keeps discharging, you shall keep having to recharge it all the time and keep worrying that it would discharge soon rather than enjoying your smoking.
As you clearly see from the above, it is extremely important to have a good quality e-cigarette starter kit and cartridge for long term enjoyable smoking using these electronic smoking gadgets.

Which starter kits are tempting but are better avoided?

Price discount sells. Freebies double-sell. And cheapo's fall apart fast.

The Internet today is fraught with cheap electronic cigarette stater kit and cartridge offers. Most often they want your credit card details, name and email as a "guarantee" of some sort. Don't fall for them. Some of them are good but lot of them are not. There used to be some very good offers also earlier that were free, and in fact once upon a time we (CWGLive) used to recommend one such company as one of the options.

Time changes. Right now, we are not aware of any company that we reviewed to be giving away starter kits. So there may be some great companies still that give away starter kits, but right now at the time of writing this we recommend no such company (unless we explicitly mention it at our electronic cigarette homepage at another time). You are free to try any such electronic cigarette cartridge or start kit manufacturer on your own though.

What does CWGLive recommend?

What do we suggest? On our electronic cigarette homepage, we recommend this brand and another one. Coupons, if any is available at the moment, are also given there. These do cost a small amount (not free), but are wonderful.

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