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From the desk of CWGLive

Where Can I Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

Are you wondering which is the right store or brand for you to buy an electronic cigarette from? Yes, a simple Google search will tell you there are a high number of online and physical stores that have e cigarettes for sale. The prices are often competitive. The big question is, how to locate the good-quality electronic cigarettes at an inexpensive online or physical outlet?

So if you read it carefully, what you are looking for is essentially a mix of 3 things.
  • Features - are the e cigarettes good with all the desirable features in place?
  • Price - is the price reasonable and is there a way to get price discounts?
  • Reliability - the ever-dicy question - is the vendor selling stuff that seems to be good on the surface but are not reliable or health-friendly for a long term use?
While buying your electronic cigarette, make sure to do the best on all these fronts. Our review should help you understand better. You may further choose to follow up by going for our recommended brands.


As far as features are concerned, you would want to buy electronic cigarettes that are modular in nature. This implies you can separate the body of the e cigarette into multiple parts and purchase them independently. What that essentially translates to when it will come to replacing the individual components you would only have the add those components to your shopping cart in future rather than the e-cig as a whole.

Make sure that the electronic cigarette is made up of detachable parts such as cartridge, atomizer, battery and possibly a mouthpiece. In most cases, mouthpieces are fitted as part of the cartridges (containers of liquid nicotine), and that is a standard practice followed in the industry which is perfectly acceptable.

Also make sure that the battery is a rechargeable one. This will help you buy and fit the battery rather than throw away the atomizer (heating element) when the current battery expires. That keeps the cost of maintenance to the minimum.

Price and coupons

If you are looking where to buy your electronic cigarettes, you would want to get the best price also along with the best quality. It makes sense - you would want to buy at the best price and make sure that you have got the electronic cigarette that suits you before you can commit to it on a long term.

One great option for you would be to buy from a reputed brand - this ensures you get the right set of features - and maximize your chance to find a brand outright that you can stick to for the rest of your life or as long as you choose to smoke. And then, you would want to try coupons for this chosen brand.

Trying the other way round (that is, find random coupons and buy from manufacturers offering high disccounts) may be a bad idea because chances are that if the manufacturer is not up to the mark you are not going to like their electronic cigarettes and you are going to lose whatever you invest, plus lose time and incur disgust.

On this page we show some of the coupons available for our recommended brands. Feel free to check the coupons before you commit.


You would want to procure electronic cigarettes from a reliable brand. The purchase should be made with care so that you get a good e cigarette right at the first try rather than having to change your brands. And you would want to make sure that the feature set is right and prices are good.

But then there is another factor that can only be tested with time. And that is, reliability. Your electronic cigarette kit and substances need to last long and maintain quality thorughout. You would not want smoke or chemical leakages to happen or body cracks to develop.

The requirement of long term reliability makes it important that you choose electronic cigarettes that have been in the market for some time rather than buying from fly-by-night sellers. Go for sellers with established market credibility.

Over time, you shall definitely have to replace some parts of electronic cigarettes such as getting fresh batteries etc. Finding replacement parts is the easiest if you go back to the original maker, so that also makes it important to go for reliable manufacturers rather than random ones. At CWGLive, we have reviewed some e-cig companies and have treated this as an important factor of our process.

What next? Where can I checkout my electronic cigarette from?

As discussed, we recommend this brand as today. Coupons are available on our electronic cigarette homepage. Chances are high that you are going to like their e-cigarettes and hence your initial investment and hope will be rewarded for a long time to come.

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