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So you are here looking for a whole body vibration machine. But which one? Surely you know that there are some fundamentally different technologies that drive these machines, but all are sold as "vibration machines". But the vibrations by themselves are fundamentally different, and have different types of impacts on the human body. Obviously, each kind of vibration is meant for a different type of person - do you know what is the right vibration technology for you?

Also, there are motor factors, EMF factors, contraindictions and many other fine-grianed points that need to be taken into consideration while getting a vibration machine. Each of these is important for getting the best machine.

Here is our 22-page PDF report (free to download and read, so chill).

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In the report, we cover all of the following.
  1. How does a whole body vibration machine work?
  2. What are the core technologies?
  3. Characterizing vibration
  4. Characterizing the vibration-producing motor
  5. Benefits of using the machines
  6. When to avoid using these machines?
  7. The top brands that sell good vibration machines (without any quality compromise) but within reasonable prices (there are companies that bloat their prices like anything) - as CWGLive believes
  8. A quick quiz on the right technology that will be suitable for you (this is super-important)
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We also share our contact details in the report, by which you can contact some of the CWGLive-recommended industry expert for free that will help you choose among a plethora of CWGLive-recommended brands, depending upon your current conditions, and also take a free personalized quiz to find your ideal requirements (which may even mean you may not need a machine at all).

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