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Ergonomic. Comfortable. The ones listed here are true zero gravity.

Zero gravity chairs: Overall CWGLive Rating

Zero Gravity Chairs

What makes these chairs attractive?

How does one characterize a good zero gravity chair? A good one must have a few essential characteristics and a few other features that would translate to immense practical benefits.

The desired features are given below. If you buy a zero gravity chair, make absolutely sure that you follow these guidelines for a long term comfort and better relaxation.
  • Recline positions must make sure that your spine does not have to bear any weight. This is great for back pain sufferers.
  • Maximum angle of recline should be such that your legs can be raised above your level of heart if you want that. This controls blood pressure.
  • Width must be enough for your lungs to breathe freely, even if you fall asleep on the chair. You may literally start spending nights on the chair, absurd as it may sound now, if you get a comfortable one. Many people do this.
  • Lumbar support and ergonomics must be solid.
  • Support mattress must be of a good quality and comfortable. It must be elastic enough or well-shaped enough to fit onto the shape of the body.
Additionally, the chair must be easy to get into and come out of. You may choose manual or motor-driven recline, both work well. The motor driven ones are absolutely quiet too. Look for extra leg rest; it helps if you fall asleep and for long sitting duration.

Add massage system if you can afford it. A free-of-cost heat massage session at any time that you want to may be a temptation for many. If you suffer from joint pains and arthritis then the massage system could be a blessing for you.

Here is an excerpt from a review of one of the many happy users of such chairs.

"The Zero Gravity chair is wonderful for specific needs. I have various musculoskeletal aches and pains ( back, neck, shoulder ) that inevitably reach a point during the night that forces me up and out of bed. I usually find myself sitting on the couch as sitting is less uncomfortable.

Sometimes I fall asleep there for the night. So I was looking for something that would maximize the comforting result of changing position and perhaps be something to really sleep or nap on. At the same time, I have venous insufficiency and swelling of the ankles where elevating my legs is good therapy. For both these things the chair is terrific.

My night is now comfortably divided between the bed and chair, the latter bringing great comfort. The leg elevation gives the chair a one two punch. I couldn't have asked for a better solution to my problems. I should say that the chair can be used to watch TV or sit and chat, but it isn't ideal or worth spending the money for that. I give it an " A+ " for the things it is directly for." - By 'Image Maker' at

The chairs we recommend are listed below. All these zero gravity chairs are equipped the features we described above so that you get the best bang for your buck and enjoy all the benefits that you can.

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Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

InStep Mesh Zero Gravity Chair - WHITE/BLUE One Size

Faulkner Standard Recliner Navy Padded with Padded Arms

Lafuma Zero Gravity Recliner

The Human Touch Power Electric Perfect Chair Recliner - PC95 / PC-095 Walnut Recline Wood Base Black Leather Pads - Interactive Health Zero Anti Gravity Chair

Massagenius - 768 - 768 Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair - Black -

Sanyo HEC-DR6700K Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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